How to help!

As you have learned about Project 21, I hope that you feel compelled to get involved one way or another. The first way to help is to send up thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes. We appreciate it all as it is not easy working in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Monetary donations are of course appreciated. Start up costs along with basic weekly costs are holding us back from continuing much of the work we have planned for the near future. For your tax-deductible donation, it must go through Adventist Health International. Here, you must make a note “Béré, Chad, Project 21” in order for us to receive the funds.

You can also transfer money directly here via Chase, Bank of America, and Paypal. This will not be tax deductible but it does reach us much faster. Many things we use are locally sourced (food for community projects, notebooks, pens, our medical kits, etc.), therefore it is much easier and cost effective to buy them here.

If you are interested in sending a package with needed supplies, please address it to:

L’Hopital Adventiste de Béré
ATTN: Project 21
52 Boîte Postal

If you have $1, you can:
-feed two malnourished children for a day
-supply a notebook and pen for a community health worker

If you have $5, you can:
-supply gasoline for two weeks
-provide half a day of translation
-provide the ingredients for weekly cooking demonstrations

If you have $20, you can:
-provide translation for the week
-supply a simple work table for the project
-provide printing for a month
-supply one blood pressure cuff

If you have $100, you can:
-buy benches for the education of the community health workers and traditional birth attendants
-supply the malnutrition feeding program for two months
-supply a portable projector for community lectures

There are several other items that we need in order to keep this dream of a healthy community alive.
-We need basic furniture to outfit our office: chairs, tables, bookcases, a cooktop, pots, utensils, etc. Many things must be imported or hand crafted as there is no local Ikea. Total, this would cost $800.
-The community health workers and traditional birth attendants require restocking of basic medical supplies monthly. This includes soap, gloves, gauze, tape, among other things. It is $100 per month of restocking.
-We are in desperate need of a powerful computer that can run several research programs. This, unfortunately, is approximately $2000-$2500, after all hardware and software are included.
-Just like there is no Ikea, there is also no Kinkos. We need a printer for our handouts, booklets, and trainings. This equated to about $100 for the printer and a monthly cost of $25 for ink and paper.

These are things that can keep us going for the foreseeable next couple months. Many items are a one time cost (furniture, computer) but others are needed monthly. Any little bit would be of great help.

Now if you are feeling really generous, we need reliable transportation. We have 1 full time motorcycle for the project with 6 adults working on the project. We borrow another, older one part of the week but come January, we will no longer have access to it. The dream would to purchase 2 better quality motorcycles for $1200 each, 1 scooter for $1100, and a vehicle. Now this is the big dream: a diesel manual Toyota Land Cruiser. They run upwards of $80,000. The hope: a Nissan truck for $32,000. A vehicle would give us access to the surrounding villages that have no other way to see a health professional.

These are our hope, dreams, and prayers all wrapped up in Dollars, Francs, Euros, and Pesos. If you feel you can spare a bit, feel free to contact us for more information. We will insure your funds are used how you want them to be.
+235 9112-2492


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