Trainings and Happenings!

Recently we have been strung out with trainings: trainings for our community health workers (CHW) and our traditional birth attendants (TBA). I was head of the CHW training and Charis was in charge of the TBA trainings.

We started off with 20+ CHWs ready to be trained. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication with the chiefs and the 20+ CHWs (with a few TBAs thrown in) quickly was reduced to 5 as they realized that only those who had not completed training had to attend. Once this was all figured out, we were able to start.

The week went as smooth as it probably could have gone. Everyone passed and we were so excited to welcome them to the CHW family.

The TBA training is actually still going. As you can imagine, there is a vast amount of knowledge that needed to be taught to these wiling women. On top of an extended training, most of them cannot read or write. This requires us to go slowly with them, ensuring that they have memorized this information correctly and accurately.

It is powerful working with the community here. We see women who are taking a stand to assist other women in their quarter in family planning and proper birth procedures. We see men going against the grain of Chadian society to provide care for men, women, and children equally. They are dry sponges searching for knowledge! I wish we had the funds to keep them supplies to proper standards but working with a minimal budget has proved difficult.

As the holidays are upon us, please remember Project 21. Your small donations go far here and can make the difference for life or death for many people. No small donation goes unblessed or unnoticed.

We have also been busy getting into the community! Like I mentioned before, we visited all 21 villages/quarters to inform them of our happenings. We also participated in a prayer conference, bringing together everyone of all denominations and faiths. It was neat to see how the community has come together, regardless of difference of faiths. Daniel and I also had the opportunity to visit a school over in the south central part of Chad with a local pilot. The kids meet under the mango tree for classes. It was neat to see that there is development happening around the country.

Happy holidays and blessings to all!

Zachary Gately
p21.zgately @

The crowd at the prayer conference.

Here is my fellow employees with one of the delegates.

Our CHWs are in the middle of their exam.

Here are the children in school under the Mango trees.


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